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The Anthropological Field School, spring 2006.'s Journal

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17th January 2006

bigmo807:16am: I'm so getting thrown off the mountain...

Whadda ya MEAN, no ice cream sandwiches?!

28th December 2005

bigmo8012:26pm: hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone was still driving to prescott from michigan. If so, would anyone be interested in driving with me? thanks.

27th December 2005

brick1501:15am: hey guys
who's excited? when do you guys fly in? drive in? i'm driving from texas and not sure when i should get there. its a 16 hour drive. i'll probably stop halfway in albequerque. then get there late on the 7th. have you guys bought books yet? alrighty. just wanted to say hi.

6th December 2005

nexianladyluck3:11pm: Reminder
Tonight's the meeting at Expresso Royale at 9:30. See you guys there! :)

5th December 2005

nexianladyluck11:06am: Okay, those interested in a u-haul will be meeting at Expresso Royale Tuesday (12/6/2005) at 9:30. I'll bring the u-haul cost information. If anyone else wants to come to discuss roommates or anything else, great! The more the merrier ^.^ If you need directions, leave a comment and I'll get back. Essentially it's on Grand River by the dancing girl statue.

1st December 2005

nexianladyluck9:17pm: Okay, we have three people who have expressed interest in the U-haul (myself, Becky, and Amanda, but Amanda only has a few things she wants packed, as I understand).

Amanda wants to meet before December 18. I agree. I'd like to do it sometimes before finals week, if possible, so within the next week. Anyone opposed to 9:30 on Tuesday night? We can meat at Expresso Royale (or somewhere else, if people have a different preference)

29th November 2005

nexianladyluck3:00pm: hey everyobdy, glad to see the community is up and running! Anyone want to get started on roommate criteria (or whatever we're calling it)?

I was thinking of the following:

1) time you go to bed/get up in an ideal situation
2) If you have any particular food reservations (no meat in your fridge, etc)
3) If you like music when you are studying or sleeping

Any other criteria people can think of?
bigmo8010:55am: hey everybody! i hope that this wasn't too hard to find. i don't what to add to make a monumental first post, so this is about it. if you have any suggestions for interests or for a userpic, just let me know!
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